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My photographs have been featured in two books on rangefinder photography, both projects by the members of the Rangefinder Forum:

Rangefinder Photography: 25 Photographers — One Passion,, 2005
Rangefinder Photography: A Gathering,, 2006

My photographs on Flickr and Pbase have a Creative Commons license and may be used freely for any not-for-profit purpose.


1 Response to Photography

  1. Australian Museum - Catherine Timbrell says:

    Dear Gene,

    The Australian Museum is creating a Spiders exhibition and would love to use an image of your that I came across on flikr entitled, Snow Spider (link below).
    The image would be used to demonstrate the range of environments in which spiders can live and in Australia, the ideas of spiders in the snow is very interesting.
    The image would be used on a digital touch screen – unable to be downloaded – for exhibition only.
    We would be delighted if you would consider granting us permission to reproduce it in these circumstances.

    Kind regards,
    Catherine Timbrell
    Exhibition Project Coordinator | Program Delivery, Production and Design Public Engagement and Culture
    Monday – Thursday | 9:30am – 4:30pm

    Australian Museum
    6 College Street Sydney NSW 2010 Australia
    t 61 2 9320 6254 f 61 2 9320 6075


    Snow Spider

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