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Against all probabilities, I decided, in my 68th year, to start learning classical guitar. I’ve played folk guitar for several decades, but I never really learned anything beyond picking patterns and chord changes because my playing was an accompaniment to singing.

Nonetheless, I love listening to classical guitar music. I love the instrument and I love the repertoire. Once, in 1977, I spent a little time with the instrument but dropped it because I was impatient and professionally busy.

Now that I’m retired I can concentrate on new learning with more patience and deliberation. I have the time to spend I didn’t have when I was younger.

At my age I don’t expect to become a really good player, but I think I can learn enough to enjoy playing and, perhaps, master some simpler pieces.

I’m even going to classical guitar camp this summer for four days of classes, some private lessons, and concerts in the evenings by the instructors.

Wish me well. (And don’t expect any recitals in the near future.)


About Gene Wilburn

Gene Wilburn is a writer ~ photographer ~ humanist
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5 Responses to Classical Guitar

  1. Dave B says:

    Best wishes, Gene. You’re going to do well because this is one endeavour where ‘doing it’ is its own reward. It’s not about the recital, it’s about the learning. -Dave

  2. Gene Wilburn says:

    Dave, Ron, thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Well, well. I played classical guitar when young, concert level. Then got bored and left it. But it all came back when I received a guitar as birthday present for my 60th.

    So there, Gene, Congratulations and all the best!

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