The Long Silence

It’s been a long time — too long — since I last posted. It’s hard to say why exactly. This past year I’ve rather drawn in on myself and haven’t been as communicative as usual. Perhaps it’s a time of life issue. I’ve also not done much photography, so I’ve not had any new images to use as a photo header. Not that I ever intended this to be a photo blog exclusively, but that’s the direction it took.

Labour Day. The unofficial end of summer. What a relief!

Summer is my least favorite season. I wilt when it gets hot and I lose my energy and direction. Creativity takes a nose dive. Aside from some writing assignments I’ve done little more than plod along with entries in my journal and a lot of reading.

There is much Kindle love here. Of all my electronics, it is probably the most used piece of gear I own, next to my Macbook Air. I love reading books on the Kindle and I’ve recently started subscribing to story magazines via Amazon. Now, as soon as they’re issued, I receive delightful reading material electronically: Asimov’s, Analog, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I find reading on the Kindle easier on my eyes than reading print books, though I read plenty of those too. I think it’s because I can choose a font that’s just right for my eyes and that I can widen the side margins making it easier to absorb lines of text.

Our summer was punctuated by a week at Sauble Beach, Ontario. It was pleasant, but the weather was hot and neither Marion nor I felt totally comfortable. If we go again, it won’t be in peak summer season.

One of my writing assignments, for Here’s How magazine, was on cloud computing. It’s probably on the stands by now. Another I’m just finishing, again for Here’s How, is an article on using vintage lenses on DSLR bodies via lens adapters. It’ll probably be out in October.

This fall I’ve signed up for an online course called “Writing the Personal Essay.” I’ve always liked reading essays and I’d love to learn to write a good one. Wish me luck.

Thanks for your patience during the long silence.


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15 Responses to The Long Silence

  1. Jan says:

    good to see you again! Fall’s here hope this season’s more to your liking.

    best, Jan

  2. Earl says:

    What Jan said. I am planning trip up in the the next several weeks. By then I will probably have my MacBook Air too. :)

    See you soon!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Very good to see you writing this, and I wish you luck with your essay courses, and hopefully we will read a few of them here.

  4. Tony says:

    Glad you like your Kindle Gene. My wife was interested in an eReader this year and after some research we decided on the Kobo touch. The main reason for this is that we can get books from the Toronto Public Library that are readable on the Kobo but not on the Kindle. In any case, the verdict is that the eReader is the way to go.


  5. Gene Wilburn says:

    Jan, we still have to do that TLR shoot.

    Suz, thanks for the encouragement!

    Tony, I reviewed the Kobo once. It’s a very nice unit!

  6. Jamie Pillers says:

    Gene, good to hear your voice again. I have a thought for you. If you tire of reading and writing by the time winter roles around, I have an ‘alternative’ to suggest.

    I just completed a short class on creating digital negatives and making Kallitype prints. Really a blast. A nice mix of computer age and ‘darkroom’ age processes. Contact printing really takes one back to the seemingly magic moment of a photograph coming to life in the developer tray.

  7. Earl Dunbar says:

    What Jan said. :) I am planning a trip to TO in the next few weeks, so we can meet up then, along with Jan and Frank, as I have some stuff to deliver to them.

  8. Gene Wilburn says:

    Jamie, that sounds pretty interesting. I’ll look into it.

    Earl, it’s been way too long. Looking forward to seeing your shiny new Macbook Air.

  9. Jan says:

    Indeed we do Gene. It’ll be a pleasure to see that Yashica-mat 124 in your capable hands.

  10. Matt Johnson says:

    Gene, Good to hear that all is well, even if a bit too hot. Best wishes! – Matt

  11. Gene Wilburn says:

    Jan, you just jinxed me :-)

    Matt, thanks. I’ll try not to be gone so long next time.

  12. Linda Miland says:

    Always good to hear, er, read your voice! But reading your blogs is a privilege; you certainly need not apologize for _not_ blessing us for a while. (But welcome back.)

    I decided on a Mac Mini desktop computer/iPad 2 combination, and am currently enjoying a plethora of free entertainments on the latter! My only hesitation about buying ebooks for my iPad is that if I enjoy them I have no*thing* to loan to friends afterward! (I’ll soon miss scanning new friends’ bookshelves to discover what tastes we have in common when I visit, too. )

    The following “issue” is second-hand, since I haven’t canceled a subscription yet; but I have heard complaints that terminating a magazine subscrip’ means that past issues that _you’ve already bought and paid for_ disappear from your reader as well. You might look into whether this is true before you e-subscribe.

  13. Gene Wilburn says:

    Hi Linda. Nice to hear from you! Yes, I’m going to miss scanning friends’ bookshelves too. There’s something reassuring about a book sitting on the shelf. I’ll watch out for the subscription problem. Fortunately the ones I have are unlikely to be cancelled.

  14. Ron Herron says:

    Gene, how nice to see you posting again. I always enjoy your pictures and comments.

    I’ve also picked up a Kindle. Didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as a “real” book, but it is so convenient.

    I spent six weeks in Florida earlier this year, watching my grandkids, and read so many books I wondered what it would have been like to lug all that paper around!.

  15. Gene Wilburn says:

    Hi Ron. Nice to hear from you!

    I still like “real” books, but I’m amazed at how much I like reading on the Kindle. You can pack so many titles. Sounds like you had a good trip to Florida.

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