Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy (by StarbuckGuy)

The short story, Exit Strategy, by P.G. Holyfield, in the “Stories from Wolfram & Hart” series, was podcast today on Angel Between the Lines. I voiced the dialog for the character Johannes Cordner.

If you were a fan of the Angel show, I think you’ll like the story. P.G. told an interesting tale of heist and magic. If you’re not familiar with Angel, you will likely be able to follow the story anyway. Background: Wolfram & Hart is an evil law firm. I know, aren’t they all? But we’re talking dark evil — into the use of monsters, spells, dimension portals, and the black arts.


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2 Responses to Exit Strategy

  1. Thanks for your work on the story, Gene!

    And as for the story being too confusing for someone not familiar with the Angel tv show… I take offense to that… I did my best to make the story confusing for everyone! :)

    Seriously though, I think the story, since it only has one character and one location from the Angel tv show, stands on its own pretty well. Any confusion on the reader or listener’s part is completely my fault as a writer.

    Thanks again!

  2. Gene says:

    PG, it was really fun to be part of the story. You’re right — the story should be understandable on its own. I’ve revised my post to remove that caveat and instead supplied a background sketch on Wolfram & Hart for anyone not familiar with the Angel series.
    Believe me, my pleasure!

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