WhizFolders (by StarbuckGuy)

I posted this topic today on the Creative NonFiction Writing Forums:

 One interesting software package I’ve owned for some time is WhizFolders.

It’s based on a very simple, but powerful, concept: cards. Imagine an electronic card file system that allows you to write huge chunks per card, in rich text if desired, then organize the cards any way you’d like. Such as scenes or chapters. Rearrangement is a snap.

Or you can create cards in Outline mode with sub, sub-sub, etc., topics and, once again, rearrange them easily.

WhizFolders has a hyperlink system and can easily incorporate website URL’s. As such I’ve found the product handy for research and for structured writing projects. I suspect if I were to write a novel, I’d consider writing it in WhizFolders. The website has a section directed to writers.

For those interested in portable apps, I think it can be installed on a memory stick for portability, but I’m not certain.

I used the precedessor to WhizFolders, called WhizNote, to compile an annotated discography of Canadian folk music in CD format, Northern Journey, Reference Press, 1995.

It’s a shareware product, allowing you to download a 15-day trial version.

IMO, worth looking at. It might be the kind of writing tool you’d like.

Windows-only, I’m afraid.


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