Wintry (by StarbuckGuy)

Perhaps the most frustrating part of my recovery from heart surgery has been my inability to carry heavier camera gear on my daily walks. I’ve compensated by carrying lightweight P&S cameras. The weight factor has prevented me from using some of my film cameras and my favourite digital camera, a Nikon D300. I own a lot of manual-focus Nikkor lenses and truly enjoy shooting with them on the D300.

At one point I despaired of ever using the D300 again and put the body up for sale on a local Flickr group at what I thought was a fair price. I never had a nibble. I suspect many of the advanced amateurs have gone into D700 mode and no longer see the D300 as desirable as it was six months ago. I think now I was fortunate it didn’t sell.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve felt an upturn in energy and stamina. It could be related to the iron supplement I’ve been prescribed for my low hemoglobin count. Or it could simply be my cardio system starting to heal. Perhaps both. Whatever it is, I’ve been walking farther and feeling stronger and, just before getting slam-dunked with a nasty cold, began to think maybe I could return to the D300.

This morning I woke before dawn, looked out the window and could see the sun was going to be up soon. I could also see that there was a goodly overnight accumulation of new snow. I love pre-dawn light, so I dressed quickly, skipped breakfast, grabbed the D300 and a moderate zoom lens, and  headed for the harbour. I got there just in time to capture some of the soft light. When the sun rose, I grabbed a few more shots, then headed to the nearby Starbucks for a brekkie sandwich and as much coffee as I could drink.

After some sustenance and journalling at Starbucks, plus a couple of grande milds, I headed out for a brisk walk. The sidewalk plows had been through along the major streets and walking conditions were good. I set a strong pace, stopping occasionally for more shots. The D300 felt wonderful.

I walked about 45-50 minutes before arriving home, including the ‘killer’ uphill stretch leading to the GO Station. I was huffing hard when I got inside, and continued huffing hard for some time. I was very thirsty and drank at least three large glasses of water.

I overdid it — a little. Well, maybe more than a little, but I felt so energized I didn’t care. I was probably high on endorphines — I couldn’t stop jabbering to Marion. When I finally cooled down and looked at today’s shooting, there were several frames I liked. Things felt like they’d clicked back into place.

A breakthrough day!


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Gene Wilburn is a writer ~ photographer ~ humanist
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2 Responses to Breakthrough!

  1. adam says:

    Good to hear Gene! Excellent news. You would be a bit high with that success. Take it steady now, no marathons yet.

  2. Gene says:

    Adam, would I do that? LOL. Thanks for the encouragement!

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