Change in Energy

Cloudy Morning (by StarbuckGuy)

One of the more welcome changes for me in 2009 is improved energy and stamina. A few weeks ago I landed in a deep trough and felt weak and out of it. Some blood work showed I had a low hemoglobin count.

Iron tablets to the rescue. It’s been about three or four weeks since I started the iron prescription and I’ve started to notice a change for the better.

I also feel, unless I’m deluded, that my heart is stronger too. On yesterday’s photoshoot I walked farther than any Toronto outing I’ve tried since my bypass surgery. It was the first time I didn’t tire, as in boom! flat! and I still felt good by the time I left for home, and I felt fine all evening.

In fact, last night I got out my much-neglected six-string and played and sang for about an hour or so, until my poor fingers hollered “enough already!” I need to build calluses all over again. But, my, it felt good to be in a music-making space again. I was attempting Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna.” It’s a stretch for me because the song bounces between octaves and when it comes to singing, I’m a prairie, not a mountain.

This morning I got up feeling well and headed out for a morning walk right after a bit of breakfast. On the way to Starbucks, I finished off the roll of 36-exp Reala 100 I had loaded in the Bessa R3A. While imbibing a couple of Grande Milds, I wrote another 1000+ word entry in my journal and began this posting.

From there I did my longer, cardio-intensive, walk on the way home. The sun was disappearing behind a cloud cover, but I snapped a shot of the Ridgetown from the pavillion at St Lawrence Park that made a good B&W. When I walked up to Lakeshore Road, I noticed that Planet Organic was open, so I popped in for some oat and stoneground wholewheat flours. Got home and started making wholewheat-oat bread. The dough is rising.

Marion cooked a nice-looking tofu lasagna. It smelled great. While the yeast was doing its multiply and conquer routine in the bread dough, I cooked some onions to the clearing point, added two cloves of garlic, then filled the pan with fresh kale, steaming it with the onions and garlic and an added tin of navy beans.

For Trev’s sake I’ll also stir fry some chicken strips to go with it. I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner.

A good day.


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Gene Wilburn is a writer ~ photographer ~ humanist
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3 Responses to Change in Energy

  1. adam says:

    Doing good Gene!

  2. glad to hear the diagnosis of low hemoglobin and the regimen of iron supplements has brought you a new energy level.

  3. Gene says:

    Adam, Jan,

    Thanks for the cheer!

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