Midwinter City Photoshoot

Subway Stop (by StarbuckGuy)

Short posting today. I just got in from a delightful photoshoot with my friend Guy. We met up at the Second Cup at Queen Street and John in Toronto, and wandered along Queen Street to Steve’s Music where I picked up a new set of guitar strings (D’Addario Phosphor Bronze, medium gauge) and some new thumb picks (Dunlop M).

We continued snapping along Queen, then turned up Spadina, cutting through a colourful section of Chinatown. It was colder out than we’d anticipated — the windchill took some of the enthusiasm out of our shooting. On Spadina, north of Dundas, I spotted Ding Dong bakery, where my son’s girlfriend often buys the buns she brings to our house. We stopped in for a sample, and to warm our hands. The buns were seriously tasty.

Guy was shooting with his Zeiss Ikon silver-bodied rangefinder. I was shooting with two cameras: my grey-bodied Bessa R3A rangefinder with 40mm f/1.4 Nokton, and my latest joy-toy, a Panasonic Lumix LX3.

From Ding Dong we crossed over to the west side of Spadina and continued into Kensington Market. We tried for a coffee at Moonbean Coffee, but as usual on a Saturday, every available seat was taken, so we wandered around the streets in Kensington Market, eventually walking north to College. From there we headed east to the Starbucks on College & McCaul, again to warm up our frozen fingers.

After a short respite, we headed east to University where Guy and I parted ways. He took the streetcar home and I descended to the Queen’s Park subway station, taking the train to Union Station, then connecting on a GO Train back to Port Credit.

Aside from the cold, it was a very pleasant outing.

Ding Dong Bakery (by StarbuckGuy)

Yesterday I was on the phone with one of the magazine editors I sometimes work with, and ended up with three article assignments for 2009. I’m looking forward to working on them. I’ll divulge more as each one reaches print. All I’ll say is that they’re all technology based and that one of them involves photography.


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