‘Changes’ in January

Trumpeter Swans (by StarbuckGuy)

New Years is resolution time and whether they’re kept or not, resolutions are good thing. They’re a feedback system telling us that whatever we’re doing, and however we’re doing it, could use a few improvements. Some are naturals, involving health. My waistline is bulging again. No-brainer Resolution One: watch my eating habits. Eat more wholegrain products and less fat and sugar. Work on portion control.

I already exercise well as part of my cardio rehab, but I’ve slipped a bit on resistance training. So Resolution 2 is to get back into a regular resistance training schedule. I intend to use my handweights and tubing more.

I made a resolution last year to write more and by gum that’s one I’ve stuck to. I write almost daily and in my personal journal I target a minimum of 1000 words per session. I also have a modest fiction-writing project on the go. But my blogging has fallen off, so Resolution 3 is to increase the frequency of my posts in Silver Bullets.  To that end, I’m taking the NaBloPoMo theme challenge for January 2009.

Inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month),  NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) follows the same concept of encouraging you to write frequently, in this case with daily posts. January’s theme is ‘changes’ though participants are not required to blog on the theme.

I’m going to give it a try in January, especially since noticing that my posting frequency has dropped seriously in the past few months. I like the theme and will stick to it as often as ideas occur to me. I’ll also blog on some of my regular themes. I’ll attempt to keep the entries short — I have a tendency to turn blog postings into essays and I’ll try to curb that urge.

This in itself is a change, so wish me well. And on this 1st day of January 2009, let me wish you the best of health and well being in 2009. If, like me, you’re a photographer, I also wish you good light!


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Gene Wilburn is a writer ~ photographer ~ humanist
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6 Responses to ‘Changes’ in January

  1. adam says:

    Best wishes Gene! Change is good, stasis is bad!

    I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so I have some of the same things as you to tackle, centering on, guess what, diet and exercise, so simple, huh?

    No fat, Gene (except as a treat). No sugar! except once in a while.

    Funnily enough, I am finding it easy to diet as the “diabetes diet” turns out to be much the same as we were eating anyway, thanks to my wise wife. I am having to exercise restraint, of course, but do not find that too difficult. One good thing I have going for me is monitoring my blood glucose (sugar) levels through the day.

    So I get feedback, the most valuable thing to have in these circumstances. I take a drop of blood maybe three times a day and can now see clear patterns, e.g.:

    exercise > low blood sugar (burns the fuel)
    sugary foods > high blood sugar (body can’t burn all that fuel)

    So I have tightened my diet, been good about exercising and now my glucose levels are getting good, I have lost 6 kg (13.2 lb, I think) and feel better than in years. I firmly believe in the value of feedback.

    So I am with you all the way, Gene, I would like to blog more and will see what I can do. I will be watching the Silver Bullets. Very best wishes to you and Marion.


  2. Gene says:

    Adam, so great to hear from you on New Years Day (on this side of the globe). I’m sorry to hear about the diabetes but it sounds as if you’re doing the right things for it. I know from your photos that you’re a walker, so the exercise part is already there. Good to hear that your diet was already the right kind. Ours is pretty decent too, mainly because Marion’s a vegetarian so we eat lots of grains, beans, greens, etc. The problem is that I have both a sweet tooth and a fat tooth with a tendency to indulge too often in each. However, I can be good and have in the past, so I know I’ll get on the right cycle again. You’ve really lost an impressive amount of weight and I’ll bet you’re feeling better already. Yes, feedback is good. My only gripe with New Years resolutions is that they should be a monthly event, to provide more frequent checks on our game plans :-)

  3. adam says:

    Resolutions! On the few occasions I make them, they tend to be qualitative rather than quantitative. Except for the diabetes thing – I’m working on this with an iron resolve!

    Scots people have terrible tastes, I’ve lost most bad ones since I left there, gee, nearly 50 years ago. But you can change your tastes – I had an unhealthy taste for alcohol up to 25 years or so ago, so one day stopped and that was it – no more. Did the same with sugar. Did the same with cigarettes. And cakes, sweet desserts … Work on it Gene, you will see the benefits.

    No-one worse than the converted, eh?

    Goals and frequent adjustments in line with what you are facing are the way to go. At the most basic of levels, we each, know it or not, set goals, plan to achieve them, see how we are going and adjust our goals. This is as true of us as it is for a cell moving against or with a chemical gradient. Sorry, hitting on one of my pet topics here …

  4. Gene says:

    Adam, I hear you. But pass up the dessert tray? Sigh.

  5. MattNJohnson says:

    Happy New Year Gene! Your list sounds very sensible and more importantly doable. I look forward to reading your upcoming blog posts!

  6. Gene says:

    Matt, thanks for dropping by, and a very Happy New Year to your and yours!

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