Welcome to 2008

To the tune of Howdy Doody, “It’s res-o-LU-tion time, it’s resolution time …”

1. Shoot more film, especially medium-format B&W. My first photoshoot of the year is first thing New Year’s Day and I have my Minolta Autocord TLR ready to go, if the weather’s not inclement. If it is, I’ll switch to my Nikon FM10 with ‘E’ lenses.

2. Write more. During PicoWriMo in November I averaged nearly 1000 words a day in my journal and I wrote one short story and started another. The pace fell off in December and I want to increase it.

3. Explore more Linux programs. I have a new entry-level Dell laptop on order specifically to turn into a Linux portable so I can further explore open-source software while sitting in a comfortable chair or couch.

4. Trim the waistline. During December I shed ten pounds. I grew up as a thin, skinny guy and for cardio reasons, if for no other, I need to return to being that guy. Marion and I are following a Weight Watcher’s regimen of calorie counting. It works.

5. Laugh more. 2007 was a hard, serious year. Too hard, too serious. Life’s a dance.


About Gene Wilburn

Gene Wilburn is a writer ~ photographer ~ humanist
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2 Responses to Welcome to 2008

  1. WeeDram says:

    I am anxious to have you tutor me in Linux, especially the embedded version on my Zaurus. I have some very specific questions … i.e., I got some stuff I need fixed! :D

  2. Dave says:

    Amen, especially to number 5. This year should be a tarantella, the ‘most joyous dance.’

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